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A Meal with Best Friends
Personal Chef, Sporting Events, Weddings,
Family BBQs, Film & Corporate Events

We will work with you to create your dream menu. 
The Whistler Food Co. Community
Whistler Food Co. supports food suppliers from the Whistler community and others in the sea to sky corridor Look on our table for: Pemberton produce, Purebread baked goods, 200*Bakery, Nonna Pia balsamic reductions, Squamish raised pork and Whistler Brewing  beer!

Sample Whistler Wedding Menu



Local Summer greens

Root down baby greens, fresh herbs, young pea sprouts, compressed melon,

raspberry/champagne vinaigrette


Caprese Salad

Fraser Valley tomatoes, bocconcini, garden fresh picked basil, Nonna Pia’s balsamic reduction,
cold pressed olive oil


North Arm Farm Beet & Carrot Salad

North Arm farm root vegetables, frisee, lemon yogurt dressing, shallots


Pacific Prawn Salad

Poached pacific prawns, avocado, lime juice, cilantro, sweet onion, baby greens



Roasted Pemberton Root Vegetables

Pemberton potatoes, root vegetables (beets,carrots), caramelized onions, clarified butter, thyme


BC Ling Cod

Pan roasted Ling cod, pico de gallo, lemon oil


Alberta AAA Grilled Flank

Grilled flank steak, salsa verde, roasted garlic



Pure Bread sweets, clotted cream and shortbreads, local seasonal fruit

Late Night Snack


Assorted Fresh Sliced Bread and Rolls, sliced meats, mustards and pickles

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