Whistler Food Co. feeds athletes from around the world!

Registered Dietitian and Chef Marnie Melsted crafts all menus. She carefully selects meals and their ingredients to optimize an athletes performance. Menus and meals can be tailored to meet your athletes’ specific training, competing and recovery needs.

At Whistler Food Co. we are passionate about good eating.  Whether you are a professional athletic team or weekend warriors, our mission is to provide great food using the highest quality, whole, organic and local ingredients. Whistler Food Co delivers gold medal meals.

Planning an Event?

Whistler Food Co. is THE catering choice when it comes to making your event the talk of the town.  Sit down with our culinary experts to plan your next big day, week, or month. We provide creative and nutritious meal plans that meet the needs of those looking to impress important guests, or wanting personal chef services.

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